Professional  Services

With our proven track record, Pro Logic Systems architects design and deliver solutions based on real world and
hands-on experiences.

Our strategy is simple, Pro Logic Systems built the strongest technical team with the innate ability to understand customer needs. Pro Logic delivers services from a business perspective – allowing our resources to architect solutions that encompass our clients’ organizational needs.

Pro Logic Systems proven data center virtualization assessment services can help you properly architect your IT infrastructure for your virtual environment – whether you’re launching any combination of network, server, or storage virtualization. With detailed reports that include key metrics such as application contention and infrastructure response time, you’ll have the information to solve immediate problems.

Pro Logic Systems storage assessment services establish a baseline of your current storage environment, target areas of improvement and support the development of the storage strategy for your organization.

  • Assess your current storage infrastructure’s ability to meet current availability, scalability, capacity and performance requirements
  • Prepare utilization reports identifying who and what is consuming storage and a configuration diagram of the storage environment and related components
  • Identify storage management policies and processes that impact staffing and provisioning
  • Recommend new storage infrastructure and operations strategies to better position the SAN or NAS to meet the demands of your business

Migration Services Include Clustered Data Ontap
Pro Logic Systems can deliver a unified architecture that will help you deliver on these goals. Pro Logic Systems is one of only a handful of companies that has the experience/expertise to migrate your environment to Clustered Data ONTAP.

  • Designed for continuous data access for virtual environments
  • Multitenancy enables consolidation of storage resources
  • Unified architecture at scale
  • Dynamic, transparent and on-demand reconfiguration
  • Single system management
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Fully flash optimized to boost performance

IBM Power System Services
Pro Logic Systems provides a complete portfolio of services to help your company design, implement, and manage your IBM Power servers. Using your actual performance data and your projected workloads we can determine the type and size of Power server that will meet your business requirements. Implementing your Power server solution is a key component of our offering. We can perform or assist your team with installing, configuring, and virtualizing your IBM Power server solution.

What Our Clients Think

Pro Logic has been our preferred partner since I came to Leon Medical Centers in 2009 and we have had great success in IT with their help. They have a fantastic technical/engineering team and the leadership of the organization is always there when we need them.

Douglas Mayer, Director of Infrastructure, Leon Medical Centers